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1. Basic concepts

The owner (hereinafter: Owner), administrator and manager (hereinafter: Administrator) of the website and domain is Klemen Mramor, Dergomaška ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana.

The website is represented by each page under the address

A website user is any person who visits any website on the website (hereinafter: User).

2. Acceptance and validity of the general conditions

The user is obliged to comply with these General Terms and Conditions (terms of use). By using the website, the user accepts these General Terms and Conditions and declares that he is familiar with them and agrees with them.

The terms of use determine the characteristics of using the website and are valid until canceled or until new ones are issued. The new terms of use apply as soon as they are published on the website, and replace the existing terms of use of the website.

3. Accessibility

EFÉ provides access to use the website every day of the year, 24 hours a day, except for short interruptions of a technical nature.

4. Liability

For any malfunctions or loss of data resulting from software or hardware errors of EFÉ d.o.o. does not respond;

5. Intellectual Property Rights and Data Privacy

All elements and materials on the website are subject to copyright and other forms of intellectual property protection.

From the website, it is prohibited to sell, reproduce, modify, distribute or in any other way use any part or all of the website.

6. Violations

Any attempt or execution of unauthorized modification, deletion, damage, causing temporary or permanent unusability of data on the website is prohibited. It is also prohibited to attempt or perform any activity to gain unauthorized access to any other content within the Owner's information system beyond the website.

7. Dispute Resolution

Disputes are resolved by the local and substantive court.


This website uses cookies to improve the user experience. Although the use of cookies is usually harmless, some people may take it as intrusive and therefore want to block some or all cookies or even delete cookies that have already been sent. By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the policy.


Cookies are files that websites create during your visit. They store site settings, profile information, and other information. There are two types of cookies: Domain cookies are set with the site's domain in the address bar. Third-party cookies are from other domain sources that have various elements embedded on the page, such as ads or images.


Temporary or session cookies are not stored, but are deleted every time you close the browser.


Persistent cookies remain stored even when you close your browser. They are used to store registration information, page language settings, to analyze traffic... They can stay on your computer for days, months or even years.


Own cookies (1st party cookies) are from the website the user is viewing and can be permanent or temporary. The website uses these cookies to store information and will use them again the next time the user visits the website.


Other cookies (3rd party cookies) originate from other partner websites (for example, they display advertisements on the original website or measure traffic). Third parties can use them to collect user data from various websites and use it for various purposes, e.g. for advertising, analysis, improvement of its products.


Use of cookies on the website


_iub_cs-#  /

bSession / Measuring and reporting of website performance.


hs / En su res visitor brow sin g-security by preven tin g cross-site requ est forgery. This cookie is essential for the security of the website and visitor.


ssr-caching / This cookie is necessary for the cache function. A cache is used by the website to optimize the response time between the visitor and the website.


XSRF-TOKEN / Ensures visitor browsing-security by preventing cross-site request forgery. This cookie is essential for the security of the website and visitors.


fedops.logger.defaultOverrides / Registers statistical data on users' behavior on the website. Used for internal analytics by the website operator. (1 day)

Exclusion of cookies on the site


Exclusion of cookies from elsewhere

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